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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Yeah seeing the growth and engagement of the blog 7 THINGS WOMEN ALWAYS NOTICE ABOUT A MAN, here I'm with my all new blog on 4 MEN HABITS THAT WOMEN FIND SEXY. And believe me guys, these habits are considered by almost all women very seriously and they find it extremely sexy.

If that makes sense to you then jump into the next section of it. One thing which I should mention is that these habits are not necessary as an individual (obviously they are but there isn't any compulsion) but if your mission is all about your signorina or simply the women of your dreams or college girls, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

Before starting the topic, see brodas you have to understand this that women are the most delicate, soft, and wondrous thing created by God and we, as a man, have some criteria to win their hearts. And that criteria haven't anything related to your skin color instead it's all about your overall personality, vibe, and charisma.

And to develop all these qualities you do have to develop some habits on an individual level. These habits are way more than anything better because by following these things you not only find a way to impress your signorina but also they help you become a MAN with responsibility and sexiness.

So without wasting any more time let's jump right into the main section.

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See this is something most men lack about. They work on every possible bit but forget about HUMOUR. Your signorina would not like to date a guy who doesn't even have a good sense of humour.

5 Things Every Guy Should Have by 20.

A sense of humour is nothing but your ability to find humour in different situations and it is called a good sense of humour only if you know the right time to showcase this talent.

See I know this doesn't come by one night but it does come gradually by experience. So try focusing on this thing too.

The main requirement of this habit is that it is the most common habit that girls, in general, find sexy. Yeah, you heard me right. That's what research says at least and my female friends too.

Hey broda, listen to me no girl of your dreams would want to stay with a person that doesn't even make her laugh. One great man once said that the way to the girl's heart is through her smile and yes that is true as far as this century is concerned.


Yes, that may be strange for you but not for your girl. This is the thing that most men forget when they are into a woman.

Remember brodas no women/ girl wants to be with a person who doesn't even care about his future.

And that's a fact she might be liking you or maybe in love with you right now but if you don't have any professional life in future for a source of income or any finance-related thing, she will leave you.

That might sound offensive to you, but that's what it is.

See guys even research says that men who are highly enthusiastic, determined, and ambitious towards their goal are the ones that women find sexier.

This goal-oriented thing drives them to go crazy about you and internally they feel proud. See we all know that women have groups and when they talk, they talk like inside out about everything from men to their dresses.

And think how much she would be proud to tell her friends about you and your ambition.

But there is one limitation and this is something very serious that being enthusiastic or goal-oriented doesn't mean that you aren't giving her time or not living in the present.

This is a huge error with the workaholics and that is what you have to solve on your own to manage your work and other things.


See brodas I know I have talked about it almost 3 times now but since this is all about the habits that men do and women find sexy about them, this has to be here.

Yeah, perfumes are, I would say, today men's hack. Yes and I absolutely mean it because they trigger women so fast that you might be thinking that she hasn't even noticed you yet but the time she passed by you, she had perceived your odour/scent and walked away.

  • You have to understand that your sense of smell is sensed by olfactory receptors of your body.

  • These olfactory receptors are more sensitive to smell and odour in women as compared to men.

  • And these receptors are connected (I don't know how) to your brain for remembering the particular smell ( Imagine thinking about Maggi, you can think about the smell of it because its smell is associated with Maggi only, not with any other noodle's variety).

  • That is it, when it comes to women, their olfactory system senses your perfume, they get triggered, and their brain associates your memories with your scent.

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But this memory can only be saved in her brain if you have good quality and somewhat manly perfume. So my suggestion would be to invest in a good and high-quality perfume that shouldn't match the odour of her dad's perfume.

More about cologne (CLICK HERE)


Yes, most men forget about complimenting their signorinas / girls and brodas this is a matter of issue.

Everyone wants to get compliments but getting compliments from your loved ones is really special and works 10 times better.

See you might not know this but if she is into you she would be doing certain things to get attention maybe with her dresses or hairstyles or anything else. Notice these things and gives compliments to her.

She is definitely gonna like this gesture of yours.

And if you get the science of it and learned 'how to give compliments to her' at the right moment, Man, your crush would definitely find this sexy.

How to Compliment Her

How to be a SAVAGE boyfriend

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I hope this blog has helped you in getting some knowledge and till now you must have learned about the habits that women find sexy. If you go deeper into the motive of this blog, you'll get to know that these points or habits are not only for just to impress women but one must have these habits to be the better version of himself.






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